- Decor Ideas for your little monkeys' room
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We are on a mission to change the world, one kid’s room at a time.

We are dedicated to helping you decorate your baby’s room. We want to empower all the moms and dads to be confident that they can create a warm and cozy nest for their family. We created this community for all parents trying to get organized before their baby is born.

About Us

Stay on top of all the latest kids decor trends. Get inspirational insight from other moms and find out now what they wish they knew when they were where you are now.

In the kids department, there are many products and new trends to choose from. We want to help you find the best places to purchase, whether online or in-store. We know it can be difficult to determine which stores are offering the best services, information and products to suit our needs. That is why we are stepping forward to make this task easier for all of our fellow moms and dads out there.

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Our mission

We want the make a difference in kid's life. We like to think that by helping other parents, we are helping kids. We want all moms and dads to feel good about being a parent. We truly believe in community and sharing. In our own experience, by learning from other parents journey, we felt more prepared to raise our children.

Our mission is to search the web to find trustworthy information and present you the different options of high quality, eco-friendly and safe products available for all budgets.

You have the power to create a stimulating environment for your kids and guide them to become adults you (and the whole world) will be proud of.

Our environmental commitment

Protecting the environment is also very important to us. We are always on a mission to purchase only the products we really need and those that will not end up in the trash after a year. Therefore, we are trying to live a minimalist lifestyle that allows us to keep in touch with the things that are truly important.

Money cannot buy happiness and no amount of material possessions can change how you feel about yourself.

Ensuring our family's happiness comes first to us.

Why we created this site?

Children have the capacity to see and imagine the world as an extraordinary place with unlimited possibilities. This imagination will fade over time as they will become adults. Art can be the missing link. It stimulates our imagination and makes us dream of those extraordinary worlds.

That is why we love art so much and we think it is important to keep a wild imagination over time. We believe that through art, children can be provided with the creative spark that they need to get the most out of their play, whether they are drawing, singing or dancing.

As a result of this mindset, we like to live in a home that is truly reflective of our personality. We know just how difficult it can be to find the proper items to create the perfect decor for our children's rooms. Thanks to our own research, we believe that we have put ourselves in a good position to help your family.

Who we are

Sylvain co-founder My Sleepy Monkey


Sylvain has always surrounded himself with art. He was crazy about drawing when he was young. He was always drawing and painting. That passion led him to art school. He always wanted to be a professional painter and sell his artwork. Sylvain did pursue his dream, moved to the big city, found art galleries interested in his artwork and was involved in many art exhibitions.

After many years, he added a more commercial aspect to his business when he started a custom airbrush company and began to do graphic design work. To get more exposure for his artwork, he started making websites. This path has led him to become an art director in a web agency.

Now, he's managing the Sleepy Monkey website, in addition to curating the artwork we present.

Julie co-founder My Sleepy Monkey


Julie is the loving mother who always finds ways to stimulate the minds of our children. She’s always pushing the children to play, draw or read (look at) books instead of being passive in front of a screen. If you want to buy a toy for her kids make sure it is eco-friendly, educational, design.. and fun.

Our story

We are Sylvain and Julie, a couple with two children of our own, a girl and a boy. We enjoy art and have a passion for design, whether it’s art, fashion, or home décor. We are curious and sensitive to details. It is a passion that we are trying to pass down to our little ones.

But let's start from the beginning.

It all started when we met while we were employed by advertising agencies. Sylvain was an art director and Julie was a project manager. At that time, we were both career oriented and wanted to be the best at what we were doing. We moved in together in a fancy condo with minimalist architecture and a rooftop pool with a 360-degree view of the city. Professionally, we wanted more, more challenge, more liberty. So we decided to strike out on our own and start our small advertising agency, hiring employees. That opportunity gave us the chance to travel while still continuing to make a living. Eventually, we realized that something very important was missing.

Nine months later, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter. And fourteen months later, our son was here too!

The small, trendy condo felt inappropriate for our family so we decided to move outside of the big city. At the same time, we closed up shop to begin working as consultants. That decision took a lot of stress off our shoulders and it felt like we were now able to live a happy family life.

We believe in the importance of setting an example for our children. We spend a great deal of time teaching them how to be themselves, be respectful of others and the environment. To be creative, open minded and to have a critical mind is the most important of all. Now, we have more time, more liberty and a larger sense of purpose in life.

Why it's called My Sleepy Monkey

Our children have a lot of energy and when it comes to playtime, they are unstoppable. They are not afraid of testing their limit (and ours at the same time). That's why we like to call them our little monkeys.

We are really proud of what they have become and how they have evolved. We like to think that this site is greatly inspired by our experience as the parents of two lovely monkeys.

What can you expect from this website

We will provide you with all the inspiration you need to create a dream room for your kids. The type of room that other moms will find awesome, that you will be proud of and that you kids will love.

We will guide you to the best sources of information about parenting, so you can get all the insight from others parents.

With our website, you will be able to take a closer look at the best wall art selection. These pieces have been hand-picked from a variety of popular websites. We take the time to test each different sites and create reviews based on the information that we have collected.

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Sylvain and Julie
We are the couple behind Finding the latest trends and decor ideas is one of our deepest passions. Sylvain & Julie - Founders Nursery Wall Art
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