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Etsy Wall Art Review

Etsy is the first name that comes to mind when searching for wall art, especially for unique art to suit every budget. Here's our review of the Etsy website.

Sylvain and Julie
We are the couple behind Finding the latest trends and decor ideas is one of our deepest passions. Sylvain & Julie - Founders Nursery Wall Art
Rated 5/5
based on 5 customer review
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Etsy Wall Art
Discover the best of Etsy

We interviewed the creative person behind some of the best Etsy shop. Discover their products and inspirations.

Etsy Top Highlights

What Kind of Wall Art Can Be Found?

  • Prints
  • Collectibles
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Fiber
  • Mixed media
  • Collage
  • Frames
  • Tapestry
  • Paper painting
  • Stained glass
  • Stickers
  • Wallpapers
  • Wall stencils

Shopping Experience at Etsy

  • Unique art
  • Direct from the artist
  • Large variety
  • Wide variety of prices
  • Very easy to navigate
Current deal: Check out Etsy website for special offer
Get the offer

Wall Décor Category from Etsy

This online market for unique and handmade items was created to bring craft fair closer to consumers. Etsy was established about 12 years ago, and since then, 54 million people have been actively registered both as sellers and buyers.

If you’re in the market to purchase unique art or just want to get inspiration for your kid's room, this review should help you plan and have an idea what you should expect.

Etsy Art Category

The options for wall décor are numerous, and they are divided into several categories. There are prints, collectibles, paintings, photography, drawings, illustrations, fiber, mixed media and collage. Whatever you're interested in, it can be found with ease on Etsy.

The Etsy site gives you original art at its best. Paul - Washington

Original Art by the artist

The whole idea behind the creation of the Etsy site is that the items are original and also unique. Although you might not find the collections of famous artists or designers, you will find something that is unique and amazing.

Delivery box Etsy

Wall Art Products

  • Wall Hanging: frames, tapestry, paper painting, stained glass.
  • Wall decals and murals: stickers that can sometimes be removable or non-removable.
  • Wallpapers and wall stencils: patterns, designs, renewable and reusable.


If you want wall décor for your nursery, finding that here won’t be a challenge. The options are endless, and as such you might have a difficult time trying to decide what to pick.

Price Range

When decorating your nursery or kids room, a budget is necessary, but not to worry, you can get an item within your budget. Wall décor has the price range of CA$0.27 - CA$343,642.61. Please note that this price doesn’t include the shipping cost.

Esty site usability

This has been made easy with pictures and options of what you want to purchase at the corner of the site. The site loads seamlessly and the font used in the design is easy to read, the colors are not distracting and there are no advert videos playing.

The quality of the image is high. Several images are posted so you see the item you are about to purchase from different angles. There is a special effect given by the site, where you can zoom and see the image closer.

There are no special tools available at this time to get a virtual try-on of the item you want to purchase. That's why there is a detailed explanation of the item and the materials used in the design. You can also contact the seller for more information about the item. A catalog might be provided.

Shipping and Return Policy

Distance from the seller matters a lot when it comes to shipping the item and how fast you want it to get to you. The seller is in charge of all the activities (custom regulation) surrounding shipping; this might come at a fee agreed upon. You have the option of tracking your item from when you bought it until it gets to your doorstep.

The seller has a policy that protects buyers when they don't get the item they paid for. The money is refunded from the seller's account.

Etsy Wall Art Best Sellers

Bunny Rabbit Wall Decal
Fabric flag wall banner
Giraffe with bubblegum print on dictionnary paper
Little fox animal print
Modern style unicorn print
Nautical style letters made from wood
Watercolor painting of a zebra with a balloon
Wood sculpture - 3 mountains

Customer Reviews

What other people have to say about their experience with Etsy

Rated 5/5 based on 5 customer review
The site gives you original art at its best.

Most of the items are handmade, vintage supplies and are manufactured by individuals or unique factories.

Picking designs for the first time for room décor can be hard and tiring, most times accompanied by indecision.

The site gives you different options to select from, having designs for the kid room décor (cartoons, numbers, and alphabets), to the sitting room décor with the mature and bold designs, the bedroom décor isn't left out as it is beautiful and designed for you to relax.

Shipping prices differ according to your location.

Some sellers offer free shipping to a particular location but if you don’t fall within that location, you might want to budget for shipping also. The buyer is responsible for getting the item you purchased to you and making sure all customs regulations are handled. You can track your items once it has been shipped.

Coupons are available and for different purposes.

The shipping discount, percent discounts, and fixed dollar amount discount. Coupons are created by sellers as a means of advertisement.

Site design is simple and intuitive with no adverts to distract or slow it down.

They pages and images load very fast, finding the items you want can’t be easier than this.

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